07 January, 2016
This list features eight FinTech companies with innovative business models. Oradian is a CRE portfolio company that creates software for microfinance institutions. The way Oradian has established a niche in this specialized market is what added it...
23 December, 2015
Considering its meteoric rise, it's no surprise to see SweepSouth in the top five of South Africa's tech startups for 2015.
17 December, 2015
Tech startups enjoy a challenge, and logistics is an industry frought with challenges-especially in parts of Africa. This list in Disrupt Africa highlights CRE portfolio company Africa Courier Express (ACE) as well as four other e-courier startups.
16 December, 2015
Mergims, a remittances platform and CRE portfolio company, is listed as one example of the many startups emerging from Rwanda on its path toward becoming a tech hub for Africa.
10 December, 2015
In one of their case studies titled, "Busy Juice Bar Thrives by Reducing Wait Times, Simplifying Operations with Mobile Point of Sale," MasterCard describes Rootbar, a South African juice bar that put...
09 December, 2015
According to Innovation Village, Oradian has signed several new deals with Nigerian microfinance institutions. Oradian is a CRE portfolio company providing software solutions that enable financial inclusion.
07 December, 2015
In this commentary for Media Update, Nicole Shapiro and Tatum Chett from Added Value South Africa offer readers tips for making their brands more on-demand. SweepSouth, a CRE portfolio company that provides on-demand cleaning services, was one of...
07 December, 2015
In November, 350 business leaders and entrepreneurs met in Marrakech for an annual African Leadership Network summit, which was themed, "Exploring the Boundaries of Possibilities in Africa." This CNN contributor selected five organizations that...