Wayne Reuvers

Wayne Reuvers

Wayne Reuvers is the founder and Chief Strategy Officer of LiveTechnology Holdings, Inc. As the visionary of LiveTechnology, Wayne’s fundamental roles are directing the strategic vision of LiveTechnology and overseeing the management and leadership of the Research and Development team. Under Wayne's leadership the business has grown rapidly to become the dominant player in the marketing automation, versioning and customization industry. LiveTechnology provides a uniquely powerful and flexible software-as-a-service solution that automates the versioned production of fully brand and legally compliant marketing materials across multiple forms of media.

Over 85 corporations utilize LiveTechnology’s solutions, including AARP, Abbott Nutrition, ABC Supply, Acura, AutoNation, Allstate, AIG, AT&T, Bank of America, BBDO, BestBuy, Cingular, Century 21, Citgo, Chrysler, Colgate-Palmolive, CorbettAccel Healthcare Group, Dell, eBay, GE, Google, Honda, Home Depot International Truck & Engine Corp, Icon International, Keybank, McDonald's, Microsoft, Mars Advertising, Marvel, Meridian Health, Microsoft, Northwestern Mutual, Nissan, Office Depot, Peugot, Renault, Sony, Targetbase Marketing, Texaco,  Vauxhall, Walmart, Washington Mutual, and others.

Wayne, at the age of 14, developed, marketed and sold Graph-IT, a stock-market technical analysis software product for the Apple computer, which sold successfully to banks, stock broking firms and individual investors. He formed ICT in South Africa in 1987 and specialized in business application development, servicing local and international clients including UAL, Investec, NedCor, Yellow Pages and Old Mutual.

For approximately three years, beginning in 1989, Wayne consulted in Germany and in the United Kingdom for leading companies, including Steinmuller AG, Linde Tvt, John Laing PLC, Ralph M. Parsons, Ltd., London Underground, Ltd., London Regional Transport, Ltd., Anglo American Corporation, Old Mutual and British Rail.

In 1992 Wayne designed and managed the development of Gilt Manager - financial derivative modeling software that was later sold to Reuters. This same system was used by Reuters in managing the multi-currency derivatives in Europe during the introduction of the Euro. In 1995 he pioneered biometric fingerprint recognition technology and oversaw its implementation and roll-out by the South African government for its pension fund payments via mobile cash dispensing vehicles linked wirelessly. This included optimizing Printrack's (USA) minutiae algorithm from 1 minute 32 seconds to just 7 seconds allowing these mobile ATMs to process over 4 million pensioners per month.

In 1996, by consolidating his two businesses, ICT and DISC (Dealing and Investment Systems and Consultancy), Wayne formed LiveTechnology International, an interactive consulting, information publishing and content management company. Within two years LiveTechnology became one of the largest South African interactive companies, and in 1998, LiveTechnology went public on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as a key component of Paradigm Interactive Media Group. In 1999, Wayne conducted a management buy-out, and took LiveTechnology to the US in late 1999. 

In 1999, Wayne, with his team, completed the design of a revolutionary object oriented database - LiveObject and XML structured language - LiveServer markup language. A number of products were built on this foundation, including LiveAnalysis that was licensed exclusively to Jupiter Media Metrix (for $8m) as their web metrics engine, and a suite of technology that was later sold for $80m in 2001.

In 2010, Microsoft partnered and commissioned LiveTechnology to build the Bing Business Portal. The new portal was launched in April 2011. The Bing Business Portal features richer business listing information – it allows the business owner to enhance and manage their listings, create deals and offers and manage products and services they sell. It also features the ability for the business owner to promote their business with free mobile websites and ability to create business cards, post cards and posters within the portal. Wayne is involved in the Bing Business Portal daily, as is a strategic partner, advisor and visionary to the Bing Business Team,

Wayne has invested in and raised over $35m for companies and subsidiaries, all of which now dominate their unique markets. He sits on the board of four companies, and continues to advise businesses on strategy and investments, and has worked with 35 fortune 500 companies to identify market opportunities. LiveTechnology has received numerous acquisition and buy-out offers, but Wayne prefers to keep LiveTechnology independent.

Wayne is an active Volunteer Fire Fighter with the Sterling Forest Fire Company, is on the Swift Water Rescue Team, and is also a Rescue & Recovery Diver covering counties in New York and Northern New Jersey.