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Wabona Logo Wabona (Sotho for ‘You See’ & pronounced Waa-Bo-Nah) is an online Subscription video streaming service. Wabona delivers African movies, TV Shows and documentaries to markets in the African Diaspora and Africa.
Fora Logo Fora.co – Makes it possible for African students to access an Ivy League education for ten times less without going abroad, by offering online courses taught by instructors from leading institutions around the world. These are then accredited by a network of Africa’s leading Universities as part of their degree or certificate programs.
Crowdbnk Logo CrowdBnk has built a FCA regulated digital fundraising marketplace for anyone to support or invest in an idea or a business in return for rewards or equity.
DoorHandle Logo MyDoorHandle.com - Allows anyone with a web-enabled device to associate their physical location with a unique name (or ‘handle’).
Enzi Logo ENZI's unique vision is of a premium fashion brand that firmly puts style, creativity and ethics at the heart of East African design and manufacturing. Our collection of footwear and apparel combines high quality materials sourced in the region with a commitment to expert design, craftsmanship and responsible labor practices.
Bambisana Logo Bambisana Media Consortium (Bambisana) is a media company that develops and releases a range of free media mediums to youth, specifically in the knowledges and resources sphere. The products they sell are advertising, campaign management, and creative solutions. All of the content they develop is underwritten by a commitment to remain positive, empowering, educational, inspirational, and relevant to the needs of a successful youth of Africa. The higher-level goal is that this content will bring successful youth together, sparking ideas and action and helping to create a better and more sustainable world.


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